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Every day, millions of plastic straws are used a single time and then thrown away. These straws take decades, sometimes even centuries to decompose. During this time, where do they end up? The answer is in our oceans, killing our fish, hurting our turtles, and harming our ecosystems, our marine life and our natural resources. It must be changed.

At Fresh Straws, we provide the solution for this problem. Turing back to an ancient traction, our team brings to you the Cyperus Grass Straws. With this natural alternative, our customer still receive as much benefits of the straws but without causing any harmful to our ecosystem.

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Ancient Traditions

Fresh Straws are made from green grass that grows naturally and abundantly in Mekong Delta, Vietnam. Thanks to its sturdy, hollow body, the grass has been harvested and used in this region for many purposes, including straws. Also known as a Cyperus grass straw, it is a simple and elegant solution to replace its plastic counterpart.

No harsh chemicals or synthetic pest controls are used on this resiliently hearty grass. This ensures an organic product that is 100% safe and biodegradable. Sustainably sourced and ethically harvested, this straw completely decomposes into fertilizer after just 30 days in soil..

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How To Use

Fresh Straws are made from green grass without the use of any chemicals or preservatives. To maximize storage life and to maintain the highest quality, it is recommended to keep straws refrigerated for up to two months.

This product is made from grass. Grass allergens vary from person to person. If you have or have ever had a history with allergies related to grass or grass products, please consult your doctor before use.

Fresh Straws are not edible. Though grass straws are safe to chew, swallowing is not recommended